July 25, 2015

Bedroom Decor

In lieu of doing a typical blog post, I've snapped a few pics of my bedroom decor as simple decorating ideas for the bedroom.

On a side note, Miss. Lady Dog, doesn't always usually look this tired.





Alright, back to bed it is for now. I think she truly understands the art of being lazy. 

June 26, 2015

Griffith Observatory Hike

Griffifth Observatory Hike

On our second day of me and the boy's staycation, we went and did the Griffith Observatory
Hike. But aside from that, we mostly just ate. Like, a lot. We went for bottomless mimosas
for brunch, we had burgers for lunch AND we had a full picnic basket to take with us later
that evening. Our waistlines grew by inches on this one weekend.

But it was all so delicious.

We started out at breakfast at Eat This Cafe . The food was perfect, simple, American grub.

Thankfully, we beat the brunch crowd and managed to snag a table inside. It's a little tiny but
fit us comfortably. He had the juevos rancheros which were the perfect combination of savory
and filling. I munched happily on my chocolate chip pancakes and we both shared the apple
chicken sausage. So good!

After deciding we'd eaten enough, we decided to be somewhat productive and adventurous on
our day off and do the Griffith Observatory Hike, leading up to the Griffith Observatory.

It's an easy and mostly uphill when you're starting.

But the views not too bad! It probably would've been better if there were less smog.

He was super excited to finally get to the top, to say the least. But then again, he's a
bit of a space and science nerd ; )


The best part about the Observatory is admission to the grounds and building are free!

It only costs to do the extras.


Later in the evening, we grabbed a picnic basket, threw some stuff together and
headed over to The Hollywood Forever Cemetery. During the summer, they play
movies against one of the walls for everyone. http://cinespia.org/

We caught Dazed and Confused, which I'd never seen before. Get there early! The lines
 do get long and the place gets packed with plenty of L.A. Urbanites and hipsters, trying
to squeeze in to the venue.

We watched the sun go down, cuddled up together, lost in the movie and the scene of L.A.

What's everyone else up to this weekend?? Any exciting plans?

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