March 31, 2014


The other day I woke up, feeling so-so. Much like Lady Sybil. I tell you, she
really embodies my moods perfectly, it's like she knows me or something.

All I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch the day pass. 

Oh there's cocktails involved? Hmm, perhaps I'll have to get up then!

We headed to Arc in Costa Mesa. They cook all their items in a wood oven stove.
Like the name of the restaurant, all their menu items are one word like "Steak" or 
"Egg". Simple is sometimes better, isn't?

Not one to miss anything, I started off with the duchess which was earl grey pimms, 
swedish punch and citrus. It was light and a tad frothy on the tongue, but so easy to
 sip down! Which I did quite happily.

We ordered the non-pluss "tomato" off the menu which was anything but simple!
 Just look at that fresh heirloom tomato loaded with cheese and mozarella, topped
 up with pesto.

Tomat-ohhh, toma-toe.

Under these thick slices of bacon was a whole mess of bleu cheese waiting to be
dipped in to.

My jaw was feeling extra tender so with every other delicious bite, I'd groan
 "Owww". The things we do for love though, eh?

I asked the waiter if I should go for the margarita on the menu next or the "Blue
Bertha". He said margarita's gave him too many bad memories and suggested 
the Blue Bertha. I feel ya buddy. I was happily presented with this wonder!
Another hit.

I'm itching to go back and taste the rest of their drink menu!

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March 25, 2014

Long Beach

Spent a relaxing afternoon down in Manhattan Beach at Simmzy's before exploring
Long Beach and watching the sun go down. Simmzy's is quite the happening place, 
so after putting our name in, we wandered around the boutiques and built up our 
appetites for plenty of beer and burgers. Simmzy's is casual and friendly with plenty 
of natural sunlight and the brussel sprouts, oh my. Did I mention the amazing
goodness that is the brussel sprouts here?

They have a solid selection of craft beer and frequently rotate their flight options so 
you're never sure what you're going to get. It's a bit like a grab bag but better 
because it's beer and beer is great. 

If all my vegetables tasted like these babies did, me and vegetables would be best friends.
Their brussels sprouts are a highlight of the menu and are roasted with tons of garlic 
(no making out after this).

The white pizza covered with broccoli rabe, dollops of feta cheese and red pepper flakes. 
This one was good but had me chasing it down with beer after every bite. Not for the 
weak of heart.

Animal friendly, black bean burger with haystack. Just look at that thick slab of
avocado! Absolutely delicious.

I know I grew up here in the Southern California area but I took so much of it for 
granted. It's amazing how distance and time can really make you appreciate the 
things back home.

I felt a bit like Heidi with my braids, overlooking the view. If only I had a pair of goats
or some clogs. Or whatever it is Heidi had to appreciate sunsets on a blustery, spring day.

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March 24, 2014

Day Trippin'

One of my best friends Bianca was desperate to break away from the heavy load of 
work that comes from the accounting busy season and get a whiff of that natural 
beach air, so we set out for a day trip to Laguna Beach. 

We  panted and grumbled a bit (and sweat a lot) as we hiked up the mountain in a 
very un-lady like fashion before being rewarded with this view.  

Not a bad view either, eh?

After  hiking for all of forty five minutes (every minute counts!) we headed over to 
the Rooftop Lounge and rewarded ourselves with berry sangrias. And a Ruby 
Squeeze. And maybe another mojito. It was a really hard hike, I tell you.  The 
sangria's were loaded with raspberries and blueberries and tasted just like summer. 

We sipped on our drinks, nibbling on olives and bacon wrapped dates, catching
up on everything under the sun for well over two hours.

With our belly's content, we headed down to the beach to dip our toes in and cool
off and lay out on the beach like happy, beached whales.

I could've gladly laid out there all day, lounging in the sun, sipping the rest of
 our mojito's and not thinking about anything except whether I put on enough

Never quite managed that "beach wave" hair but I'll gladly take the view any day.

March 23, 2014

Let's Do This

Here's to new beginnings. And being completely fearless.

And to keeping life interesting everyday.

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