May 30, 2014

The Umbrella Company

I'm all about trying new places things. When I read about the bar, The Umbrella
Company, that opened up not too long ago, I knew I'd have to add it to the list.
Located in L.A. off Melrose, it's tucked between a row of clothes stores and other
trendy restaurants. And further adding to my love of L.A. in the summer.

First on the list, Romance without Pressure, which is just how I prefer my romances!
Mixed with gin, passion fruit and cucumber, the cocktail tastes like summer,
happiness and mango all rolled in to one. It's heaven on your tongue.

The decor's simple with a little bit of a hipster touch but not too much. Umbrella's are
artfully displayed all around the bar but not in a pretentious way. It feels like a bar I'd
find in New York, with the prohibition and speakeasy feel.

Their menu is incredibly simple-nothing but grilled cheese served from next door!
The sandwiches come in little boxes like these and are super rich and cheesy.

Next up was the Pretty Woman, mixed with strawberries and a few other magical
ingredients. It's deceptively strong.

Cocktail's will run you about $14, but oof! will you be feelin' it.

The Umbrella Co.'s located in Los Angeles off Melrose. Click here for more details

I would recommend stopping by later in the evening to see the crowd really going!

May 26, 2014

Mini Moscow Mules

Ever since my dad had a moscow mule drink at a restaurant, he's been dying to
get his own set of the mugs. (He's a big fan of cups, I don't know why) So for
his birthday, I thought I'd gift him his own set of the shiny, copper cups.

Unfortunately, what I missed when I was buying the set were the words, "Actual
size" in fine print.

What arrived was the world's tiniest set of cups. Seriously, they're like mugs for
little elves. Little elves who drink moscow mules. I'm honestly not sure who would
buy these but they really are friggin adorable. So it was only necessary to have a
mini party with mini moscow mules and a regular ol' one for me.

The recipe is surprisingly simple. All you'll need is-

1 half lime
2 ounces vodka
4-6 ounces of ginger beer

1. Squeeze the lime in to the cup
2. Add the vodka
3. Add ginger beer
4. Garnish with lime wedge
5. Serve and enjoy

It's oh so refreshing with a little bit of a kick! Perfect for summer evenings.

If Lady Sybil wasn't so busy looking serious, she would've definitely given it two paws up!

May 14, 2014

All In Blue

I've got a secret. I've got a date tonight. But this time around, I've having a hard time
mustering up the enthusiasm to be excited. There's just so many ups and downs that
go with the whole process, I'm not sure I can do it all over again.

This newest top did help a bit for a quick confident boost. I'll take every extra
ounce I can get!

Hopefully my fortune cookie necklace brings me good luck. Whatd'ya think?!

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May 8, 2014

Bottega Louie

This past weekend, I popped down to Los Angeles to check out a restaurant I've been
dying to try forever - a downtown favorite, Bottega Louie.

Upon entering, first thing one sees, is the bakery.

The rows and rows of sweets had the fat girl inside me clawing to get out. I wanted it
all and made a mental note to try everything.

Are you drooling on your keyboard yet?

I was so busy oohing and aahing over the sweets, I hardly noticed the beautiful
restaurant! Everywhere you look, it's a simple, white backdrop with waiters
buzzing about, jumping from table to table.

Get there before 12! The line starts early .

We ordered the eggs benedict, dipty eggs and lobster hash and paired it off with a
bloody mary and a French 75 for good measure. The lobster hash was light and
delicious although I could've used more lobster and less of the potatoes.
Still thinking about yesterday's breakfast.. #...

And of course I couldn't leave without trying one (or five) of their well-known
macarons. All of them were delectable but the salted caramel was easily my favorite.

Plumped and sweetened up, we finally headed off to the Pantages Theater to see
Book of Mormon.

I forgot how beautiful it is inside the Pantages with its' tall guilded ceilings and a
very art-deco feel to it. The play was absolutely hysterical, great songs, and some
really smart points. "Maggots in my scrotum" had to be my favorite part. Never
thought I'd get a chance to write that!

May 7, 2014


A couple of weekends ago, a group of my friends and I, headed out to the middle of
the desert in Indio to celebrate that glorious occasion that is Coachella.

Free from wifi, laptops, and most usage of cell phones for the long weekend, we
were able to focus on some of the more important things like friends and music.

In the mornings we'd grovel out of our campsites, cook a hearty breakfast and
wander down to the grounds with tens of thousands of other people from all over the
world to listen to some amazing bands. Bastille, Ellie Goulding, the list goes on and
on. And everyone gave an amazing performance! Especially Dan from Bastille, I'm
blushing just thinking about that cutie!

Everywhere you turned, there were larger than life structures that look like they'd
come out of a bizarre dream, photobooths, foodtrucks and tents to cool you off from
the scorching sun.

We boogied on down from morning until sunset, in our flower crowns and tutus,
before heading back to our campsite to freshen up.

I was a little hesitant to bring out my camera so most of these pics are only from my

At night, it's an amazing atmosphere filled with plenty of hedonistic acts and
scantily clad girls (and boys). But there's really something to be said about so many
people coming together to listen to awesome music out in the open desert. Everyone's
so happy and friendly. Alright, so I'm sure plenty of that may be due to drug use...ok
maybe a large part of it but there's also parents and little kiddies too! Something for

I know there's a lot of cliches and cynicism thrown out there about Coachella, but I
don't think there's anything cliche about spending time with the people you love and
having a grand ol' time with no concern for the real world.
Coachella tickets are a bit steep but well worth it!

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