June 17, 2014

The Packing District

Orange County's getting kind of cool!  The newest addition to the city of Anaheim is
The Packing District- a one stop shop for all your glorious specialty food meals. It
gathers the best of local food, drinks and music all under the roof of the renovated and
historic packing house.

The Packing District opened just a few weeks ago and it's still bustling and crowded
with excited food-goers. There's plenty of specialty food shops, funky seating, and
interesting topiarys to stare at.

We dug straight in to the specialty grilled cheese press sandwiches. This one was
overflowing with ricotta, tomato and pesto. The others didn't last nearly long
enough for a photo.

He was actually contemplating the incredible goodness that was the grilled cheese
sandwiches. A bit hard to tell though.

Fried chicken sandwich from Kroft. This one's on the spicy side with plenty of
paprika and mustard seed for flavoring.

Packing District or the inside of a fancy, hi-tech start up company in Silicon Valley
- whose to say?

Juice Bar

Crepe's galore 

But the best part of the Packing District has to be The Blind Rabbit. It's a speakeasy
tucked behind a wall of green vats that are actually display. Pull on the tiny little rabbit
to reveal...

a bar! 

Hidden away from the rest of the district. Look at you Anaheim, being all cool and trendy!

Alright, off you go now! Be back soon! And don't mind me, I'll be minding myself
among the secret bookshelves.

Have a great week!

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