July 9, 2014

Lemony Broccoli Rigatoni

First off, my bad for being noticeably absent these past two months. Things got super
busy for a while (boy things *cough) but it looks like they'll be calming down a bit.
And on one of my first free lazy afternoons of the summer, I decided to whip up this
wonderful thing of a recipe from an old cookbook of mine. And yes, there's some people 
out there who use cookbooks still.

And lucky for you, the recipe is also online and can be found here!

It's surprisingly easy and super flavorful with tons of garlic and parmesan cheese.

Which means plenty of wonderful make out breath for after!

               Candle                                               Milk Bottle                   


On a side note, frozen mangoes in water is quickly becoming my new favorite thing!

Bon appetit mon amies!

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