August 28, 2014

Scarpetta- Las Vegas

We arrived in Las Vegas late Friday afternoon after hours cooped up in the car, 
jamming to tunes and driving through the dusty, arid desert. 

We quickly got dolled up and headed to Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant in the 
Cosmo hotel. I think we were all a bit car lagged and had munched on too many
car snacks because we sat all sat there a bit fazed, enamored with the restaurant 
and its' wonderful ombre hues.

It was all very sexy- like a restaurant you'd see James Bond dine at or something.

And then bread! Glorious, wonderful bread paired with three different sides of olive 
oil with lemon juice, a marscapone butter and an eggplant tapenade. My personal 
favorite had to be the stromboli- thick slices of salami tucked between mozarella and 
rosemary bread. I could use it as a pillow and sleep on it. But I wouldn't because then 
my hair would be all gross and smell like garlic, leaving me to want to eat more of this 
stromboli-heaven stuff.

I opted for the spiced duck breast. It's always my go to option. Something about a good 
piece of duck breast that truly hits the flavor spot. Tender and juicy, paired beautifully 
next to a spiced mustard sauce.

Duck ravioli which was also just as delicious, topped with a light sort of butternut sauce.

And like happy, plump little puppies we headed out for the night but what
shenanigans we got up to that night, you can bet I'm taking with me to the grave!

 Las Vegas, you dirty dog.

August 13, 2014

Del Mar Races

As Lady Sybil knows, a day at the Del Mar Races requires one to put their best foot (or paw)
forward, in preparation for the long day.

Which is why it was absolutely necessary that she wear the newest apparel-the bow tie.
Because bow tie's are cool.

It's all about looking preppy and fresh, but also comfortable. I think she manages the
balance quite nicely.

As stylish as she may be, no pups allowed at the track so Lady Sybil had to sit this
one out. But me and a friend had plenty of fun on her behalf.

We took the surfliner train down to Solana Beach, enjoying a break from the
hometown, and all the perfect weather San Diego had to offer. It's a convenient
way to get to the Del Mar Races.




It's all very exciting, watching all the jockeys line up. And before you know it, they're off!

You place your bets, watch the horses come around to the audience side and the entire
crowd stands up, hoping theirs is the lucky one. 

In fact, it's so exciting and overwhelming that it requires a decent amount of wine to 
calm down. (Oh, just a glass or two ;)

Though honestly, my tactic is just to pick the names I like best. Which worked out pretty
well! A whole $10!


We spent the rest of the day placing bets, chatting away, and sipping wine before
hopping back on the train back to the hometown. San Diego, you sure are beautiful.

August 11, 2014

East Coast Wedding

My last full day in New York City, I trekked it out to New Jersey for a good friend's

Instead of trying on dozens of dresses, of which I'd probably never wear again, I 
decided to try out Rent the Runway, and with much success! The dress was a perfect 
choice and the whole process was super easy. 

Here's a few snaps from the day. Everything was so lovely, sweet and romantic and 
really made me look at getting married in a refreshing way. Especially seeing two 
people who care about each other so much!

After patiently taking many pictures of me and my friend, her boyfriend asked for a solo
shot of himself, which I think came out great! Clearly modeling comes easier to some of us
than others!

Cheersin' to a lovely wedding and seeing a friend start out a wonderful chapter in life! 

August 10, 2014

Luke's Lobster

I would like to be able to say that after the lovely day drinking fest at The Frying Pan,
I went to sleep, woke up feeling refreshed and was ready for another day of playing

Not even close. 

I woke up close to noon, disoriented, groggy and wondering why the heck I'd drank so 
much of that wonderful sangria. Needless to say, it was a while before I managed to get
myself together and make my way out in to the city. 

But when I finally did, I spent the day roaming around my old neighborhood in
Morningside Heights before heading over to the Upper East Side.

The North Woods of Central Park has got to be one of the most under used parts of 
Central Park. Most tourists go for the boating lake and Sheep's Meadow. The North 
Woods, located around 103th - 110th street has a beautiful conservatory and a 
wonderful woodsy trail you can get lost in and feel all poetic and majestic.

Did I mention the waterfall? It's got to be the best part.

Finally after a couple hours playing explorer, I felt famished and looked for something
that'd hit the spot. Something I'd been yearning for, for a very long time. 

A real authentic lobster roll. Now the ones you find at the roadside stands on your way
to the Hamptons or Maine are probably just as delicious or better but Luke's Lobster is 
probably one of the best in Manhattan.

Now it'd be silly to say I traveled across country to eat a sandwich. But it's that good. 

And also, I should probably get some perspective on how seriously I take my food.

I went for the sampler and got a third of a crab roll, a shrimp roll and the lobster roll 
and began munching down, practically inhaling everything.

Happiness is a lobster roll on a long, hot summer day. :)

August 5, 2014

The Frying Pan

There's something about going back to New York, that always manages to put things 
in perspective. Maybe it's the distance that gives clarification, the jam packed sidewalks
or the incredible skyline- but things always manage to feel a little clearer after heading to 
the city.

I arrived in the city early Thursday morning, before the hustle and bustle, completely
jet lagged. I stumbled around Little Italy in search of something to eat. There's so many
Italian pastry shops, it's hard to choose. 

Cupcakes count as breakfast right?

After a long day of playing tourist I met up with a group of friends at The Frying Pan, an 
old favorite drinking spot back when I lived here, to catch up after almost a year apart. It's 
always good when you can jump right back in with friends and pick up where you left off. 

And with a skyline to boot!

Trying to catch that selfie- silly girl.

Buckets of white sangria later and after hours of good conversation (a lot of which
included chatter about the most recent drinking fads. Honestly, the ingenuity of how
teens are getting drunk these days is absolutely fascinating! Slash, also makes me feel 
old for using phrases like "kids these days) we realized the sun had dropped and we
still had nothing to eat.

We took our stumbly, grumbly selves and headed to Ovest Pizzoteca to continue the 
drink and wine fest, paired with some seriously good food.

I sipped on the Acapulco Flower, happy to be back in such good company. This
wonderful thing smelled like Christmas and tasted like a margarita! 

One of those great New York evenings where you feel like everything's going to be 

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