January 8, 2015

Spaghetti Squash

So! As part of my whole new year's resolution thing, I made a list of somewhat
ambitious or adventurous recipes I wanted to try, spaghetti squash being one of
them. Also on the list was get a Victoria's Secret body (again), save lots of money
(also again) and travel to some new destinations! I'd like to think that spaghetti
squash is helping that whole Victoria's Secret body because guess what...you're
eating vegetables! It's amazing!

It's like pasta but it's not! It's super healthy and actually pretty damn tasty.
I almost couldn't believe it and I was really surprised to find out how easy it was too.

I nabbed it from this blogger's recipe book Steamy Kitchen- which is where
you can find the recipe.

The only difference I made was, I added a few cherry tomatoes and a good
topping of myzthra cheese to give it a saltier pinch. I even briefly debated adding
some turkey sausage to the mix to really round it out but left it as is for now.

After you bake your squash for 45 minutes and cut in half, you scrape the  squash
and it ends up looking like this. How cool is that?! I geeked out over it big time.

The finished result! Let me know what you guys think! And what your fun new years
resolutions are!

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