March 29, 2015

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Having lived in New York for five years, I feel like there's not a lot I haven't done
 tourist-wise. But that's how New York always surprises me. Even after so many
 years of living there and visiting, there's still new sites and places to explore.

So I was wrong, but in a great way. 

I tried to find an activity that all three of us siblings could do and haven't done
before, so we settled on crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and checking out D.U.M.B.O.

But not before a hearty breakfast at Penelope's. I opted for the pumpkin waffles with
 walnuts, craisins, cinnamon butter and a side of sausage. It's a cozy little place that's
 very trendy. The staff was friendly and seated us almost right away. And the food was
 definitely on point. I did no favors to my waistline with this meal but it was so worth.
I'll take pumpkin waffles over bikini body any day.

(Well, I say that now...)

With a very necessary cup of coffee.

And my brother eye-ing the desserts, not sure what to choose!

Then we were out, three native Californians still not used to the chilly weather, but determined to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.

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The walk is so worth it and only takes about half an hour. You get the best views
of the city as well. I don't know anything about architecture either, but I could still
 appreciate all of the bridge.

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After much photo snapping, daydreaming and sightseeing, we made it to Brooklyn Park.

And the view was nothing but perfect. Sometimes I think about moving back to New
York (at least for the 2 nice months out of the year) because I miss parts of it so much.

New York will always feel like an endless love affair to me.


Brooklyn Bridge- How To

March 22, 2015

Beauty and Essex

To begin with, sorry I'm crazy behind and slow this month! This past month has been
quite the whirlwind between trips, work and moving out. But definitely a good kind
 of crazy. And now that I'm mostly settled in, I can get back to the important stuff like

And back to where we left off on the latest adventure at the Beauty and Essex on the Lower East Side of New York.

While me and my younger brother Connor, had flown in to NYC. My older brother Dan,
 drove up with some of his friends from D.C. to meet up with us. One of his friends was
celebrating a birthday and in appropriate birthday girl fashion, we put on our best dresses,
 dolled up, and headed out to the ever so fancy, swanky Beauty and Essex.

One thing to know- Beauty and Essex is a speakeasy. An impressive speakeasy at that! The
 first time I came here, I was completely awed by the set up.

When you first walk in, all you see is a pawn shop. But Beauty and Essex is way more than

(borrowed from

Make sure to put in a reservation at this place because it does get busy. Put in your name
 to the man at the front, push through the door and you're escorted in to a plush, elegant
restaurant. The walls are covered in a lush fur and a giant chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

The first time I came here, I couldn't stop touching the walls and thinking, "Furry Walls"
 from "Get him to the Greek". That may just be me though...

We started off with a round of cocktails and I ordered the Oaxacan Old Fashioned-
Ilegal Mezcal, Milagro Barrel Select silver tequila, lemon thyme, chocolate bitters,
and orange oil. It tingled the senses.

Quick tip: They serve complimentary champagne in the ladies' restroom. Have you
ever heard of such a magical, classy thing?!

Things started to get pretty silly after everyones round of drinks and thankfully, we
were seated at our table, ready to dig in to the menu.

These two handsome fellas! People have said my younger brother Connor (on the left)
 looks like Adrian Grenier. What do you think?

And my brother's friend was quite the character and definitely added to the evening!

Food is served tapas style, so everyone shares and eats a few bites here and there. 

I nibbled and sucked on roasted bone marrow, dipping the leftovers on a garlic, buttery
 bread. I've only had bone marrow one other time, so I'm not too much of a connoiseur
 but it did seem like a small amount of bone marrow, although the tiny bit was deliciously

Everything on the menu is delicious however, from the lobster tacos to the salads. The
service is top-notch as well.

The birthday girl!

And by the end of the evening, we were all feeling perfectly silly and decided now
 was the perfect time to try for a Christmas-style photo.

Needless to say, this did not turn out as well as we had hoped for.

 We started our own mini dance party upstairs and talked for most of the evening.

 Then it was time for this girl to slip in to the pawn shop exit and back in to the gritty,
 cold streets of Manhattan and head to bed.

Beauty and Essex


March 9, 2015

Birerria at Eataly

Ok so I'm cheating just a bit. This isn't just our visit to Birerria at Eataly. It's
everything me and my brother did the first day we got in to New York but I
 couldn't figure out how to pack it all in and organize it all just so!

Me and my younger brother took the redeye out of Los Angeles in to New York
 to meet up with old friends and my older brother Dan, who had come up from
 D.C. for the weekend.

Me and my younger brother Connor arrived early in the morning, still sleepy and
 in desperate need of some coffee. But we had a jam packed schedule to stick to,
 so we headed to the Bronx to visit my old campus, Fordham University.

I loved Fordham and can honestly say going there was one of the best decisions.
It's amazing to see how it feels like nothings really changed, even though it's been
almost 3 years since graduating.

Ha! I was absolutely freezing while taking this.

After going through the old grounds, we walked to the Bronx Zoo. I was surprised
 to see how many animals were out and about! The zoo was practically empty and
 it was like we had the whole place to ourselves. After only getting about 3 hours of
 sleep, I ended up falling asleep in the reptile house. Does that make me a Slytherin?


My brother Connor loved the rhinos. He was so cute and just like a lil kid!

Tigers love snow.

We hurried and scurried back to the hotel in midtown to meet with my older brother
 Dan. And we promptly took a solid nap (the reptile one wasn't enough I guess or I
just really love sleeping). Then we headed back out to check out Birerria at Eataly!

So Eataly's like a giant whole foods or trader joe's but stocked with all
 Italian foods. It's got all the specialty mozzarella, red wine and Italian loaves
of bread you can want. Located right across from the Flatiron building, it's a cool
spot. My favorite part about it is the rooftop bar, Birrerria, a specialty wine and
 beer spot.

They stuff you full of loaves of bread and olive oil.

"It's good I lotioned my hands today. I'd be a great hand model." Ha! My older
brother was super proud of his hand modeling skills. Too bad my photo skills
 aren't up to match.

We feasted on brussel sprouts, meat and ricotta cheese with honey and walnuts.

Perfectly delectable. So much more to share and not even through the first day!

Hope everyone's having a great week.

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