April 8, 2015

Tea at Langham Hotel Pasadena

Happy to return back from the windy and freezing East Coast, a friend, my mom
 and I ventured out for a mini outing in Pasadena, and lapped up all the sunshine.

We went British and opted for high tea at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena. Tucked
away in a corner of Pasadena, the Langham Huntington Hotel has an air of refinement
 and old school Hollywood class.

The grounds are beautiful and well-maintained. 


We plopped ourselves down at one of the elegant tables and sipped on a mix of
teas. I opted for the fruit one.

The tier of sandwiches and desserts quickly appeared in front of us, almost as if by

The bottom tier is an array of warm scones with Devonshire clotted cream and tangy
lemon curd.

The sandwich tier offered a selection of smoked salmon, proscuito and pesto

I'm always amazed at how easy it is to fill up on just scones and sandwiches. The
portions look small but you're always full before you know it. 

The tea and selection was a nice change from the usual but I think I was a tad too
stressed with everything to really enjoy it and just be present. 

Being stressed didn't stop me from enjoying all the desserts however! I have
an insatiable sweet tooth.

The top tray was loaded with macaroons, mouse cup, and a passion apricot cone.
A bit of a step up from McDonald's eh? Prices are a little steep for the occasion
but you get your fill.

Afterwards, with our belly full of tea and scones, we walked around the grounds.

This cutie sure knows how to strike a pose!


         Blue Dress- Similar               Blue Dress- Similar                Blue Dress- Similar

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